Vital statistics
Type Brimfire behavior
Effects Burning while passing on it
Source Brimspell
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Brimfire - technical block from modification NetherX v 1.3.

Characteristic Edit

Brimfire is a special kind of fire. This fire burns, but not forever( even on netherrack or bedrock in the End).

Obtaining Edit

Brimfire you can take using the command /give or TMI/NEI.

You can get natural way if on opaque blocks passed Brimspell.

Trivia Edit

  • It cannot be put out by hand. Will have to break a block under brimfire

Bugs Edit

  • If you have Morph mod and you turned into Brimspell, the fire which you will not leave will be put out in any way, and he too goes out. If you break the block under it, it will disappear, but if you put the unit back brimfire will appear again on the block. He also will not disappear. However, it is possible to fill liquids, and it will destroy him.
  • Brimfire as the fire has a sound planks and the texture of fire(Planks sounds can be heard when breaking-up of the fire. It's enough to put a block of water source on Brimfire)