One of the coolest mobs added with Nether X is the Brimspell. These mobs can be


described as living fire, and will chase you, leaving a large trail of fire. When killed, they will explode in a cloud of smoke, extinguishing any nearby fire.

If you experience any lag with the Brimspells/don't want a fiery trail, you can enable "lagless brimspells" in the config.

HP: 14

Drops: Cursed paper ( 0 - 9 )

Cursed paper: Cursed paper can be crafted into two things. The first one is cursed books, which are crafted like normal books but with cursed paper, and are used to craft and fuel the execration table. The second one is fire charges which are crafted like normal but with cursed paper instead of coal (which can still be obtained from wither skeletons), and will only yield one when crafted instead of three.