The execration (ex-eh-cray-shun) table is the nether enchanting table. You craft it like a normal enchanting 

Execration Table

table but with necromites instead of diamonds and a cursed book to replace the regular book. It works similar to a furnace and uses cursed books as fuel. When your item is done it will say cursed and will have a special ability. For example: when a venomite tool is cursed it will give anything it hits, the poison buff. So far, only tools, swords, and the inferno staff can be cursed but armor will soon follow. The execration table will also work as an anvil, meaning that whenever you put a broken tool in, it will use up a cursed book and repair it. There may be a limit on the amount of times you can do this in the future, however, there is not currently a limit. 

Cursed books: these are crafted in a shapeless recipe the same as normal books except with cursed paper (dropped from brimspells) instead of normal paper. The leather is collected from blazing chargers or gluttons. These are the fuel of the execration table.

Cursed items: here is a list of items and their abilities after they have been cursed:

Netherrack tools and sword - haste (mine/swings faster).

Cursing a netherack pickaxe.

Venomite tools - they all become able to give the poison affect.

Venomite sword - gives double the poison damage.

Necromite tools - they all become able to give the wither effect.

Necomite sword - gives double the wither damage.

Inferno staff - shoots fireballs twice as fast. (Rapid fire!)