The GluttonEdit

The Glutton is a mob that spawns commonly in The Nether. When it attacks you, it will eat
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A Glutton

your food, a feature unique to this mob. The glutton prefers sugar over any other food and will target it first. It will not eat golden foods so a good idea is to only carry those around. Poisonus potatoes will weaken it so you can finish it off easily.

Description of the GluttonEdit

The Glutton is smaller than a block, with four small, white-tipped legs, off-white teeth, and a red mouth. The top of the Glutton's head is a brownish-red, with the sides slowly changing to orange. It has 10 HP and drops bones, leather, and very rarely glutroot seeds. It may also drop one of whatever food it ate out of your inventory, if any.



Growing glutroot with ichorite shards.

Glutroot is a growable food that is dropped from gluttons. They can be planted on soul sand and "bone mealed" with ichorite shards. They will drop a bunch of glutroots when broken. They have a chance of giving mining fatigue when eaten raw, but can be made into soup by putting glutroot with a bowl, which will dramatically decrease this effect. A strange aspect of the glutroot is that if you smelt it, then it will give you 1 purple dye.
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All three glutroot items.