Ichorite shard

An ichorite shard.

Ichorite (ick-or-ight) Shards are an item obtained from mining Ichorite Ore , a common ore added in Nether X.


Purifying poison.

Ichorite Shards offer a way of obtaining water in the Nether. By first crafting a Crystal Cauldron, then filling it with poison from a Venomite Bucket, the player is able to "purify" the poison by right clicking on it with an Ichorite Shard. They can be used to extend potions, as they have the same effect on them as redstone. It can also be used as a bone meal or fertilizer for all nether crops. The last ability of the ichorite shards is that they will work as an alternative to coal in a furnace. But since the nether furnace was added, there is not much need for this.

Growing nether wart and glutroot with ichorite shards.