The Nether is a massive dimension filled with mobs and blocks. With NetherX, new mobs, blocks, and ores are added to this dimension. There are also long since dead trees called vilewood trees that can rarely be found in the Nether. While the Nether already has a share of unique mobs, such as Ghasts, Wither Skeletons, Blazes, and Zombie Pigman, Nether X adds many new mobs to the dimension, such as Gluttons, Blazing Chargers, Brimspells, Nether Spiders, Inferno spiders and Pigmen .

The Nether can be accessed by making a portal out of obsidian, and activating it by using a flint and steel, or a fire charge.​ 

Survival TipsEdit

While ores are quite common in The Nether, food is quite rare. There are three main sources of food: Mushroom Stew (one of the best foods for the beginner) and Steak, dropped from Blazing Chargers. A new player, or one with little weaponry would be suggested not to attack Blazing Chargers head on, as they can be quite dangerous, but avoid them until a Venomite Sword is obtained at least. The third (and arguably the best) food are Glutroots. Glutroots are a purple root, similar looking to beets, obtained rarely from Gluttons. They can be grown on soul sand, and can be made into soup. Be warned however, they do have a chance of giving Mining Fatigue, which could be lethal in a fight.

Obtaining water can also be useful, especially for potions.