Vilewood trees are generated structures that spawn in the Nether. The purpose of the trees are for obtaining wood. However, they have no leaves, meaning, no saplings, so use your wood wisely.

Generated Structures

Large Vilewood Tree


They commonly spawn on Netherrack, less so on any other blocks generated in The Nether. Vilewood trees can spawn around 50 blocks apart but are sometimes found in a small group of 3 or 4 around 15 blocks apart. There are two types of Vilewood trees generated, small and large. Small Vilewood trees are seven blocks tall and have a Vilewood block horizontal in any direction. They do not contain much wood but are easy for the player to chop down. Large Vilewood trees are eight or more blocks tall with a couple of limbs on the trunk. There is a chance to spawn a mushroom on top, though this is quite rare.


Vilewood trees are completely made of Vilewood Logs which are used as a wood source, a fire-proof building material, or just decoration. The Large Vilewood trees are a nice place to build a Nether treehouse to live in.  


Nether X Generated Structures Vilewood Trees-0

Nether X Generated Structures Vilewood Trees-0